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Promwad Mobile develops mobile applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), turning customers’ ideas into finished products for the electronics market. For the past eleven years, we have created new hardware platforms and written program codes for the most promising circles in business and technology.

The IoT brings mobile gadgets, smart home systems, and wearable electronics under the control of a smartphone. All devices are available at your fingertips, anytime, wherever there is internet access.

We are convinced that the profitability of IoT projects will continue to grow. So today our team designs complex devices and develops mobile applications for the growing number of devices being developed for these networks.

Have an idea?

Internet of Things (IoT) = Smartphone + Electronics + Cloud

Smartphone as a universal remote control for the personal device networks

How does it work?

Our projects are based on the Promwad Mobile platform, a ready-made solution for the development of IoT electronics and mobile applications operated by Android or iOS.

Mobile or stationary devices send data to the smartphone. Users receive all information in a familiar application interface for Android or iOS, and their personal device network is synchronized in the cloud.

Where is the Promwad Mobile platform used?

  • Mobile devices for monitoring your health

    The IoT in "Health 2.0" is the most popular area in the development of wearable electronics and mobile gadgets. Glucometers, radiometers/dosimeters, moisture meters, nitratometers, heart rate monitors, and other personal medical devices are connected to the network and work in sync with the smartphone.

  • Smartphone as a universal remote control

    Special mobile applications transform an iOS or Android-operated smartphone into a convenient remote control for a home cinema and TV, multimedia, and navigation electronics.

  • Smart home electronics

    Today, smart home solutions are accessible to a wider audience through scalable technologies and consumers' desire to upgrade their lighting, security, climate control, and multimedia systems.


Who are we?

The Promwad Mobile team is part of the Promwad Innovation Company, the largest independent electronics design house in Eastern Europe, which has executed over 200 projects with a total output of over a million devices in the past eleven years.

We create mobile applications for any electronic product running iOS and Android. Together with Promwad engineers, we design turnkey electronics, including enclosure design and production launch processes. Our customers receive finished IoT products that are ready to be sold in their target markets.

Customers' testimonials

  • "Promwad Mobile developed a new application for our Marvell PlugСomputer based on a Sheeva CPU and OS Linux. Our device has become a home media server. We are pleased with the results of this partnership!"

    Arkady Katz| Marvell, Israel

  • "Our relationship is more of a partnership than a client-developer relationship. We will continue to work with Promwad Mobile and would recommend it to others."

    Stacy Kenworthy | Innovagears, USA

  • "I would like to commend Promwad Mobile for a high level of proficiency in handling our project. It has developed excellent technical solutions in full compliance with the specifications. Their work has left us with a good impression."

    Stefanie Steinhorst | Tessloff Verlag, Germany

  • "I am truly pleased with our cooperation with the Promwad design center. We only started working together two years ago but we already have two joint projects in electronics design, which have been successfully completed."

    Guillaume Pinto | Parrot, France

  • "The Promwad Mobile team took our project as its own. They worked on it on holidays and weekends, when necessary, to make urgent changes."

    Evgeny Medvedevskikh | Inferum, Russia

Why we use smartphone integration

Why we chose mobile phones and tablets as a key element in the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Easy access

    You can manage your IoT from anywhere in the world, anytime, wherever there is Internet access.

  • Familiar interface

    You need no instructions. An intuitive interface on your smartphone enables you to control every device in your IoT.

  • Many available options

    Modern technologies help organize network management and process large amounts of data.

  • Easy to share

    Integration with social networks and cloud services enables you to easily share information with family and friends.

  • Visibility

    The parameters of every device in the IoT are displayed in a mobile application on a smartphone.

  • The flexibility of Android and iOS

    The widespread use of these operating systems provides boundless opportunities for projects using smartphones and tablets.

Examples of developments in the Internet of Things field

The opportunities available for users of mobile devices and applications


Parrot Flower Power, a plant care gadget

This device measures lighting, temperature, humidity, and soil fertility, helping users to create optimal conditions for growth and development of their plants.

Within this project, we have developed a new network device that gathers data from multiple Parrot Flower Power gadgets via Bluetooth low energy, and then sends them to the cloud via Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

On the Parrot server, the measurements obtained are compared with optimal conditions (the database contains a collection of approximately 7,000 plants). Analyzed results are displayed in iOS and Android mobile applications as specific tips for plant care. For example, advice may include changing the watering schedule or moving the plant’s container to the shade.

Learn more on the project website ›


ZIVE, a personal radiation monitor

The ZIVE radiation monitor is a high-precision tool with professional-level features and a user-friendly interface.

ZIVE is designed for ordinary users and paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

The most requested features of the device are:

  • Measuring the level of radiation background
  • Calculating the absorbed radiation dose
  • Searching for a radiation source

Learn more on the project website ›


Glucometer: measuring of blood sugar levels

This portable glucometer helps monitor blood glucose levels for people with diabetes.

The device sends blood test results to the smartphone and regularly reminds the user about future tests. The mobile application stores and graphically displays the test history.

After connecting to the cloud, new features appear, such as:

  • Collection of data from different devices
  • Generation of reports and prognoses for patients and doctors
  • Recommendations for taking medications, choosing a diet and changing your lifestyle


IoT Gateway

We developed a portable universal network gateway for the Internet of Things. It can be applied to connect various sensors that manage smart home systems:

  • Climate control
  • Multimedia devices
  • Security systems
  • Water supply
  • Lighting

A powerful computing platform processes the data itself and then transmits it to the cloud. The power source is a standard 220V socket.


ROFES device: human health control

The ROFES electronic device is designed for independent health analysis and monitoring. The following test results are displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet:

  • Overall health condition
  • Psycho-emotional health
  • Functional health and the risk of developing diseases

The operation principle is based on the electropuncture method. It determines the electrical potential in a biologically active point on the left wrist, and compares these readings with the standard.

Learn more on the project website ›


Energyphone: utility service communicator

The purpose of project Energyphone is to simplify the relationship between households and energy suppliers/utility services by utilizing the capabilities of smartphones and tablets operated by Android and iOS. This application performs the following functions:

  • Collecting, analyzing, and transmitting data from meters
  • Paying bills: using mobile payment, or by finding the closest payment points
  • Sending reminders and storing information on incoming receipts
  • Choosing and ordering new meters and energy-saving equipment
  • Providing a reference to the public utilities regulations

Learn more on the project website ›


Smartphone as a remote control for a TV-set

A special Android application sends signals to the user’s TV and turns a smartphone or a tablet into a remote control.

The application enables the user to:

  • Change channels
  • Adjust the volume
  • Choose a broadcasting format

Synchronization with the cloud adds capabilities to the smartphone, such as viewing the TV program, setting reminders for selected TV programs, and more.


IPTV delivery to all user’s devices

For this project, we developed mobile applications for Android and iOS with multi-screen support, which connects five different devices to the subscriber's account: TV set-top boxes, personal computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Multi-screen involves broadcasting video to any device and saving the viewing position when switching to another screen. For example, a user can start watching a movie on a TV, and then switch it to their tablet.

Other popular features of the application include the watch-later feature, personal video recording (PVR), parental control, and smart TV guide.

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